Data Cleansing Services

B2B Customer Care Surveys by CSMLReaching the right people is critical to the success of any campaign. An accurate database is invaluable in today’s competitive environment, so starting with the right list is essential.

CSML will cleanse, verify and enhance your existing database by contacting each company to ensure that all relevant information is correct and up to date. This will give you a database that you can confidently invest your resources in.

Poorly maintained databases lead to inaccurate targeting and wasted resources. Our data cleansing service will help you get the most out of your customer and prospect databases.

This invaluable service by the pure nature of it being your database makes sure you know that the companies on it are people who use your services and you want to talk to.

To see if your business can benefit from our B2B Data Cleansing Services, please contact us on 01254 692366 or drop us an email.


Customer Survey Testimonials
"Your work was committed, enthusiastic and had a deft touch with both existing and potential customers. You obtained numerous first rate appointments and we converted many of them. Your oral and written briefings were concise and to the point"

Ex M.D. - Sector Security

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Area's Covered

Nationwide B2B Data Cleansing ServicesWe are able to provide B2B data cleaning services wherever you are based in the UK & whatever geographical area's you may cover operationally. We can also include any area's you may wish to expand into.

Areas are allocated by your operational needs.
By individual service or combined services.
Areas are defined by one or more counties with some flexibility.
One customer, One service, One area; i.e. only one security company in the North West at any one time.

Data Cleansing Services

Customer Care surveys are a method of getting feedback to help companies measure satisfaction, perform market research, and gauge expectations.

Correct Information

An accurate database is invaluable in today’s competitive environment.

B2B Customer Care Services

Our Experience

We have over 22 years experience in B2B Sales & Customer Data for Commercial Cleaning, Security & Facilities Management companies.

Usable Database

CSML will verify, cleanse and enhance your existing database.

B2B Customer Care Services

Data Cleansing

Data is one of your most valuable business assets. But like anything of value, it needs to be cared for and polished in order to keep it in good working order. Data cleansing from CSML will enable you to protect the value of your data and ensure you gain maximum returns from this prized asset.

B2B Customer Care Experiences

Why Cleanse Data?

  • Reduce cost – don’t waste money contacting people who aren’t there
  • Increase response rates
  • Best practice – comply with Direct Marketing Association guidelines
  • Protect the environment – help cut down on wasteful mailings
B2B Customer Care Surveys

How CSML Can Help

CSML has a vast amount of experience in managing sales and customer data. We have managed databases from scratch to provide accurate data and maintain best practise for up to date contacts, company address's and company information helping to ensure the data is as clean and up to date as it can possibly be.