Customer Care Services

B2B Customer Care Surveys by CSML
Keeping existing customers happy and satisfied with your service or product will help to ensure that they continue to use you. Many companies find that conducting customer care surveys by an independent company can highlight how the company is perceived in the market place and the satisfaction levels of their customers.

Satisfied customers, partners, suppliers and employees make the difference between business success and failure. Armed with the feed back you gain from a strong customer care service initiative, you will be able to develop the products, programs and services that will turn your satisfied customers into loyal customers.

CSML can complete the questionnaires to the designed specification onto a paper based recording method or in an electronic format where results can be easily viewed and analysed. Whilst conducting any customer care survey any serious complaint received that may lead to the client losing a customer would be immediately passed on verbally and all problems no matter how small are always passed to you in writing.

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Customer Survey Testimonials

"We have been working with CSML for the last 3 years and have have found CSML to be throughly professional and would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Owner & M.D. - Facilities Management Services Company

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Area's Covered

Nationwide B2B Customer Care ServicesWe are able to provide B2B customer care services wherever you are based in the UK & whatever geographical area's you may cover operationally. We can also include any area's you may wish to expand into.

Areas are allocated by your operational needs.
By individual service or combined services.
Areas are defined by one or more counties with some flexibility.
One customer, One service, One area; i.e. only one security company in the North West at any one time.

Customer Care Services

Customer Care surveys are a method of getting feedback to help companies measure satisfaction, perform market research, and gauge expectations.

Correct Information

We will obtain and pass on sufficient information to provide you with an understanding of any area's of dissatisfaction letting you resolve these without undue delay.

B2B Customer Care Services

Our Experience

We have over 22 years experience in B2B Customer Care Services with Commercial Cleaning, Security & Facilities Management Services companies.

Customer Requirements

CSML fully understands the customers requirements. Instead of relying on your own perceptions, let us provide a concrete sense of how your company is actually performing.

B2B Customer Care Services

Customer Care

Instead of relying on your own perceptions, our customer satisfaction surveys will give a concrete sense of how your company is actually performing and viewed.

B2B Customer Care Experiences

Customer Expectations

Your customers expect an exceptional experience with your company and its services, and unfortunately, people talk about bad customer experiences more than they’ll brag about good ones.

B2B Customer Care Surveys

Correct Information

  • Ask questions you want to ask
  • Find out what your customers really think
  • Quickly resolve issues;
  • And retain your customers