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Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of CSML, the home of appointment making services to the soft services industry. Whether you are looking for a quotation or just browsing, please do look around the website to see what we offer.

CSML is committed to helping business's of all sizes to achieve growth by providing a high quality outsourced solution for B2B Appointment Making, Data Cleansing and CRM Services. We specialise in the cleaning and security services sector.

With around 22 years of experience in making B2B appointments and providing CRM Services to commercial cleaning and security services companies, CSML are ideally placed to fully understand both your sales requirements and the operational needs of your targets.

From this experience and understanding we offer a complimentary service to your inhouse operations by providing B2B Appointments, Data Cleansing and CRM Services. We will sit down with you, discuss and agree your needs and then proceed to target and appoint only those companies you can and would wish to do business with.

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Our Services

CSML specializes in providing a range of Sales Support Services for companies operating in the following market sectors:

   Commercial Cleaning Services - Office Cleaning Services & Factory Cleaning Services

   Security Services - Manned Guarding services, Mobile Patrol Services and Keyholding & Alarm Response Services

   Facilities Management Services - Cleaning, Security, Catering, Grounds Maintenance and M&E Services

With a total of 22 years experience in Sales and Customer Database Management, we fully understand the requirements of companies operating in these markets and can help your business achieve organic growth by providing a cost effective solution tailored specifically for your needs.

We offer the following services:

   B2B Appointment Making Services.

   Free public tenders (PQQ) with Appointment making service.

   Customer Services.

   Data Cleansing Services.

So whether you are tidying up your existing database, looking to establish or build on existing customer services or seeking B2B Appointment Making Services to keep your Sales Staff busy with additional appointments, CSML can provide the right solution for your business.

To discuss the benefits of any of the services we offer, please call us on 01254 692366 or drop us an .

Appointment Making Services

The most important starting point when planning a lead generation project is understanding what you the client considers will qualify as a lead. CSML will listen, understand and mutually agree your requirements for the appointments. We will ask you to provide some company details so that we can use this in the appointment making process.

Once we have established both of our needs, we will start to qualify leads by making contact with companies who use the services you offer. We will actively promote your company with every call we make and should the occasion arise forward literature on your behalf.

The next stage is to establish how the appointments will be qualified, diarised and communicated back to the client. Every appointment gained on your behalf is confirmed by either email or letter to the prospective customer. We will copy you in on the original email if confirmation is sent by email.

For your sales staff CSML will produce and email to you an appointment sheet with contact, company, current contractual details and all relevant notes.

Cold calling and appointment making requires a totally different mind and skill-set to face-to-face selling. Outsourcing the appointment making element of the sales process frees your sales people to devote more time to the sales process and close more sales for your business. Remove the headache of persuading sales people to do their own appointment making and let your sales people concentrate on what they do best and let us do the appointment making.

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Customer Services

Keeping existing customers happy and satisfied with your service or product will help to ensure that they continue to use you. Many companies find that conducting customer care surveys by an independent company can highlight how the company is perceived in the market place and the satisfaction levels of their customers.

   Ask the questions you want to ask

   Find out what your customers really think

   Retain your customers

Satisfied customers, partners, suppliers and employees make the difference between business success and failure. Armed with the feed back you gain from a strong customer service initiative, you will be able to develop the products, programs and services that will turn your satisfied customers into loyal customers.

CSML can complete the questionnaires to the designed specification onto a paper based recording method or in an electronic format where results can be easily viewed and analysed. Whilst conducting any customer satisfaction survey any serious complaint received that may lead to the client losing a customer would be immediately passed on.

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Data Cleansing Services

Reaching the right people is critical to the success of any campaign. An accurate database is invaluable in today’s competitive environment, so starting with the right list is essential.

CSML will cleanse, verify and enhance your existing database by contacting each company to ensure that all relevant information is correct and up to date. This will give you a database that you can confidently invest your resources in.

   Right Contact

   Right Information

   Gives you Quality Leads

Poorly maintained databases lead to inaccurate targeting and wasted resources. Our data cleansing service will help you get the most out of your customer and prospect databases.

This invaluable service by the pure nature of it being your database makes sure you know that the companies on it are people who use your services and you want to talk to.

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Why choose CSML?

For Appointment Making Services:

   Over 15 years experience in the Contract Services Sector

   We are geared specifically for your Market Sector

   CSML fully understands the needs of your customers

   We understand the requirements of your Sales Process

   Appointment confirmed to you and prospective customer

   Appointment Sheets provided for your sales staff

   Hard information provided for each appointment

   Soft information for each appointment

   Cost effective solution providing real value

For Customer Services:

   Find out what your customer really think

   Resolve problems before losing your customer

   Helps towards your Quality Audit

   Check to see if they need additional services

   A happy customer is a retained customer

For Data Cleansing Services:

   Right contact details

   Correct address and phone numbers

   Confirm use of your services

   Talk to the right people at the right companies

   A Qualified Database means more productivity for your team


"I have worked with CSML on two occasions for contract cleaning, originally in-house and then as an independent appointment maker. I found the service to be wholly professional and showed respect to both us as the client and our potential customers. CSML actively promoted our company with each call and the appointments attended were of good quality with companies any service provider would be proud to business with. In over 3 years of working together many of those appointments led to a sale being achieved. I would not hesitate to recommend CSML for a professional and confidential service."
B.C. - Business Development Manager, Commercial Cleaning Company

B2B Appointment Making Services from CSML
"The work undertaken by yourself has in many ways been a beacon for others in the company."

"You showed how effective telesales could be and converted many disbelievers."

Managing Director - Shorrock Guards

Customer Services from CSML
"Your work was committed, enthusiastic and had a deft touch with both existing and potential customers. You obtained numerous first rate appointments and we converted many of them. Your oral and written briefings were concise and to the point"

Bob Long - Ex MD - Sector Security

Data Cleansing Services from CSML
We have been working with CSML for the last 3 years.

We have found them to be throughly professional and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Owner & Director
Facilities Management Company

Areas we cover

Contract cleaning, security and facilities management appointment making services are offered by geographical area's.

   Areas are allocated by your operational needs.

   By individual service or combined services.

   Areas are defined by one or more counties.

   One customer, One service, One area;

   i.e only one security company in the North West at any one time.

   Flexibility with areas.

To see if we can help your business with Appointment Making Services, and if your area is available for Commercial Cleaning Services or Security Services, please click on the link below.

   CRM Services are offered on a per customer basis.

   Data Cleansing Services are offered on a per customer basis.

If you are looking to build your region or other areas, see what CSML can do for your business. Take the first step by contacting us on 01254 692366 or drop us an .

Contact CSML

For more information on any of the services we offer or to see if we can provide a service in your market sector or area, please contact us by any of the following means:

✒ 65 Monmouth Road, Blackburn, BB1 3LJ

01254 692366